Hair Grafts Tracker
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🌟 Pioneering the Future of Hair Transplant Operations 🌟

Get ready to revolutionize your surgical process with Hair Grafts Tracker—the first of its kind in the hair transplant industry!

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Upgrade your surgical procedure with Hair Grafts Tracker. Experience the future of graft management today!

Instant One-Click Data Entries

Add graft counts in real-time without the tediousness of manual Excel logs.

Dynamic Visual Insights

Live dashboards for surgeons to monitor surgery progress, making crucial decisions easier and faster.

FUE & Beyond:

Catering to all hair transplant methods, ensuring comprehensive coverage for all surgical needs.

Maximized Efficiency in Hair Transplantation

delivering the best hair transplantation experience.

Hospital-wide Management:

Under a single hospital, manage multiple doctors each with their distinct teams of technicians.

In-Depth Analytics:

Post-surgery, the system provides a comprehensive overview in the form of charts and tables.